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Hello and thanks for stopping by Market Place Delivery Information page. Our primary goal here at Market Place Delivery is to give you a convenient way to shop for your every day needs ranging from groceries, pet food, medication, restaurant catering, labor services and other everyday essentials through our affiliated businesses. Shop today via our website or app for what's available in your community. If just by chance we did not have a particular item or items on our website or APP, simply reach out to us via telephone at 352-262-6943. 

We take the workload off of your hands and are dedicated towards saving you time for relaxation. We are able to help rather you are out of town or simply do not have the time. Call us today for quality and quick delivery of goods and services as well as requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is your delivery services in general?

Our delivery services through our APP catalog is at a flat rate of $4.99 plus the price of the items that are in your shopping cart at checkout.  Secondly, if they are multiple store stops additional store charges will be added on top of the flat rate. Currently medication delivery is  $4.99 a person. We have expanded our services to provide normal restaurant delivery through affiliated restaurants. Deliveries ranges from $ 3.99- $5.99. 

Our pricing for items other than grocery or pet food is based upon the type of delivery service needed. Restaurants catering orders varies due to destination of the delivery. Alcohol & or Tobacco delivery is $8.99 each in addition. Monday-Sunday during state regulated hours.

Q: How do I know for sure you do currently deliver to my area?

To know for sure we do deliver to your area simply call us at 352-262-6943 option 3.

Q: What services do you offer under your labor services?

Market Place Delivery labor services includes day to day errands for personal and businesses.

Q: What is your current delivery turnaround time on the orders placed?

Current deliveries from your community stores are delivered at the requested time once we receive notifications. Please note, at this current time deliveries are taking longer than normal due to current events surrounding COVID-19. Deliveries are usually delivered within 1-2 hour window for groceries and pet food.  Deliveries for normal restaurants are delivered within  30-35 minutes. 

Q: Are you able to guarantee same day delivery on the items I requested?

We are not able to guarantee same day delivery on the products you have requested due to stores restocking schedule dealing with and surrounding COVID-19. If by chance the items are not in stock we will contact you to notify you of those products and to see if you want a similar product or wait for those items to be in stocked and have them delivered. If you selected a secondary store is necessary additional charges may apply.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

Monday-Thursday 11:00 am-9:30pm
Friday-Saturday 11:00am -9:30pm
Sunday 11:00 am-9:30pm
Thanks Giving Day Closed
Christmas Day Closed

Q: Are you currently hiring?

Yes we are currently hiring.

Q: How can I apply for any of your available positions?

You can apply on our website, click on "come work with us, we're hiring 😊" and fill out the application online or in person. We are currently hiring for Drivers and store experts.

Q: Who are you currently affiliated with?

We are currently affiliated with Adam's Rib Co, Gator Hurricane BTW, Gators Dockside, and Mi Apa' Latin Cafe'.

Q: Can we place orders more than one week in advance?

Yes that is no problem you can place orders one, two, three, even more than a month in advance.

Q: Will I be able to add to the order that I recently made?

Yes you can add to your orders that you just have previously scheduled.

Q: Will you still deliver to us if we are technically not in your general coverage area?

Yes we will deliver to you. We are allowing a 1-2 mile buffer past our current coverage area.

Q: What is the minimum order amount?

Minimum order at this time is $ 65.00 for groceries, there is no minimum order for normal restaurant delivery, catering deliveries varies by restaurants.

Q: What items are you not able to deliver?

We cannot deliver any items that are state regulated and requires the purchaser to be of a certain age.  We must verify that every customer is of age and that customers must meet our minimal requirements for delivering those particular services. If you meet our requirements we will deliver any items that are within our reasonable expectations.

Q: What is your return policy on items that were requested?

Our current return policy for orders is quite simple and that is to avoid any inconveniences with your order we ask that you cancel any orders within one hour before the scheduled delivery time. Some or all store items may not be eligible for return due to regulations. These items include but not limited to items that are damage, time sensitive, and state regulated merchandise. All orders are placed in advance to insure accuracy and availability of products. If any of those items fall within the category of not eligible for return we can only give you additional store credit for those items in questioned. Furthermore, we also ask that if you have a return request make it known to your store expert and driver. We will update regular as towards what items can and cannot be returned according to stores that are affiliated with us and a general return policy for other stores.

Q: What stores will you deliver from that are not affiliated with you?

At this current time we are delivering from your local community Publix closes to your location. For the time being we limited the store selection due to limited staffing and to ensure product availability because of shortages surrounding each location. Currently we are delivering on a reservation basis Monday through Sunday.

Q: what are my options if there is something wrong with my order that was just delivered?

Notify us via telephone 352-262-6943 option 3, email usat

Q: what can I do to recommend a product or services?

Call us at 352-262-6943, send us an email, fill out our contact us form with any inquiries, suggestion or services.

Q: Are we able to do a group order?

Yes for group orders and best possible results call us and place orders directly through us  352-262-6943.

Q: Are we able to make a delivery request?

Yes, simply fill out our contact us inquiry form or call us directly at  352-262-6943 during operating hours.

Q: Is there a set time when I can make a delivery request?

You can make delivery request at anytime day or night by reaching out via contact us under the link Get to know us.

Q: What area do you currently service?

We currently service 8 areas in Alachua County. If you would like to know in depth simply call us at 352-262-6943 option 3.