BiC Multi-Purpose Lighter Combo - 2 count


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About This Item

BIC Multi-purpose Lighters take the hassle out of lighting hard-to-reach places! The long, durable metal wand keeps hands away from fire, making these convenient lighters perfect for lighting barbeques, grilling, candles, the fire place, and more! These reliable and safe lighters are child-resistant and long-lasting, and a retractable hook helps you easily store after use. If you’re looking for home BBQ supplies or general household supplies, these lighters are convenient and practical.

BIC Multi-purpose Lighter:

• Reliable & Safe, child-resistant, 100% quality inspected and long-lasting
• Long durable metal wand keeps hands away from fire
• Ideal for lighting birthday candles, scented candles, grills, and more
• Flex Wand features flexible wand for easily lighting fireplaces, campfires and other hard to reach lighting occasions
• Contains 2 lighters per pack (individual lighter color may vary)