Energizer Max Long Lasting AA Alkaline Battery - 4 CT 4.0 ct


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You can rely on your devices when you rely on the power of Energizer MAX Alkaline C Batteries. These Energizer C batteries are long lasting—in your device and on the shelf. With a shelf life up to 10 years in storage, these C cell batteries are there when you need them. Energizer fuels the technology that helps you work and play, from flashlights to radios and backup batteries. Powerseal Technology holds the power inside the battery—protecting against leakage better than other leading batteries for up to two years when left in low-drain devices. Trust the power of Energizer for the C battery devices you love when you need them most with this battery pack.


Do not install backwards, charge, put in fire or mix with used or other battery types-may explode or leak causing injury. Replace all batteries at the same time.