Nature Sweet Glory's Sweet Cherry Tomatoes - 10.5 oz


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Set the stove to sizzle and fire up the grill—NatureSweet Glorys Cherry Tomatoes have thicker skin, so they can take the heat. With their bright color and delicious, fresh flavor, NatureSweet Glorys tomatoes were born to cook. Whether it's a spicy casserole, a zesty chicken kebab or a mild sauce, these little tomatoes are the ingredient that will take any dish to an entirely new level of culinary excellence. Put some Glorys on top of your next pizza, toss them into your pasta, or char them to perfection on the grill amidst a medley of other freshly cut veggies, just get cooking! With every tomato-based dish you prepare with these NatureSweet Glorys Cherry Tomatoes, you'll taste exactly why they're a favorite in fresh ingredients.

NatureSweet Glorys Cherry Tomatoes, 10.5 oz:
  • Tomatoes raised right
  • Fresh ingredient tomato
  • Known for their thicker skin that stands up to the heat
  • Delicious little snacks
  • Excellent for lending their flavor to a wide variety of classic recipes


Instructions: Wash me. Please don't refrigerate. It's too cold in there!