Solo Clear 10 OZ Plastic Cups - 36 CT 36.0 ct


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About This Item

These clear Solo Plastic Cups come in a 10 oz size and a handy 36 count pack. They are ideal for your next party or to have on hand for a quick drink. The sturdy plastic construction makes them durable. These cold drink cups can also be used for holding snacks. It will be easy to dole out treats to children or friends. With superb clarity, the clear plastic will coordinate with most any theme for special occasions. They are also crack resistant, so you can use in them with confidence. As a bonus, these cups are eco-friendly because they can be easily recycled.
Solo Plastic Cups, 10 oz, Clear, 36 Count:
  • For cold drinks only
  • Recyclable plastic (in some areas)
  • Crack-resistant clear cups
  • Can be used as snack cups as well