Glad ForceFlex Medium Quick-Tie Garbage - 26 ct


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Glad® ForceFlex® Quick-Tie® Medium Trash Bags are strong and easy to close. The unique diamond texture of Glad® ForceFlex® technology in these garbage bags, delivers real strength to make bags strong and prevent rips and tears. The trash can liner stretches around objects to protect against punctures, leaks and trash messes. The Quick-Tie® strong and dependable built in flaps provide easy closure with no need for inconvenient twist-ties that can be misplaced. These flaps also help keep the bag securely shut to avoid messy trash disasters as you transport it. These 8 gallon size trash bags fit medium size trash cans and are perfect for use in homes or seasonal cleaning like Spring Cleaning and Back to School.


Close the bag by cross tying the handles, grab the bag by knot and toss the secure bag into the garbage.


To avoid danger of suffocation, keep all plastic bags away from babies and children. Do not use plastic bags in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens.